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About So Cal Dental Lab


So Cal Dental lab is modern, high quality dental lab. We offer the latest products available on the dental market and continuing education classes for dentists. As the company has grown, we have continued to keep ourselves up to date with technology and education but have always remained small enough to maintain our high standards of quality.

Hello, My Name is Juggy.

Hello, My name is Juggy Singh, and I have been a Dental technician since 1998. As a Dental Technician, I wanted to provide my doctors and their patient with the very best dental restorations possible. Since then I have made that dream a reality by using the best materials, the most qualified staff and the latest technology available combined with restorations & outstanding customer service. Contact SoCal Dental Lab today and see for yourself the quality of our work and the high level of service we can provide you.

A Modern Dental Lab

By keeping up with the latest trends, we have been able to keep our doctors informed as to what we can offer to them and their patients. With all of our Dentists, we have always worked to make sure they are in a position to offer the very best restorations.